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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  September 16, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> you're watching wbal-tv 11, live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news sunday morning. >> good morning and welcome to 11 news sunday morning, i'm jennifer franciotti. >> i'm lisa robinson. our top stories in a moment. first, let's look outside with meteorologist lowell melser. >> gorgeous. >> you guys have plans for today? >> i'm going to try a run. >> a run and ravens?
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>> nap and ravens football. >> barbecue outside, as you're preparing for the game, it's a great day for that. if you're heading up to philadelphia to watch the game, better get going. >> are you barbecuing for us? >> we may just do that. the grill's on the deck. >> ok. >> going to come by? a little wet activity to the south of us in richmond and north carolina, going to stay to the south of us because of high pressure dominating over pennsylvania but we are watching another system bringing us rain monday and tuesday. quickly at the airport, 63 degrees, pressure rising on the barometer to 30.16, winds light at 3 miles per hour. you'll need the umbrella on tuesday. the forecast is coming up. >> our big story this morning, two more troops killed in attacks overseas. nato believes a man believed to be a member of the afghan local
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police turned his weapon on u.s. led coalition forces, killing two international service members. >> the attack came on the same day a maryland national guard unit charged with training place in afghanistan returned home. george lettis has more on that part of the story. >> it's fantastic to be home with the family again. >> the more than 40 maryland national guardsmen and women honored at a homecoming honored at a homecoming saturday were assigned to the international security assistance force in afghanistan. they helped train the afghan army and police in the hopes they'll fight crime and the taliban on their own some day. the mission is a major piece of the plan to end u.s. combat operations there by the end of 2014. >> we would recover evidence and process crime scenes so the challenge was to train them to make sure they do it the way we do it. we gave them the basics, we taught them. our job is to show them how to do it. and they have to learn how to do it. that was a tough challenge.
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>> the homecoming comes on the same day two nato troops were killed in southern afghanistan by one of the afghan police trainees. at least 47 troops have been killed in what are called insider attacks. >> it's an unfortunate side of the conflict that we deal with on a day-to-day basis. as a leader over there, i was confident we were led and prepared and trained but nothing can train you or help you prepare for something like that. >> these men and women spent a year in afghanistan. they chose to deploy on september 11 last year on the 10th anniversary of the attacks. for many of them, it was their third tour. alexander was born while master sergeant raphael diaz was deployed. >> i have four children and he's the first one i didn't get to see born. so the sacrifice we do, it pays off, though. because we come home, it's a good feeling. >> george lettis, wbal-tv 11 news. >> an early morning fire in
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baltimore city has left one person dead and sent two firefighters to the hospital. this is a picture sent to the 11 newsroom. crews called to the 2500 block of woodland avenue shortly before 5:00 a.m. this morning and they found heavy fire and smoke from the rear of the building which spread to the front of the home. inside the house, crews discovered the body of a man. three people escaped without injuries. one firefighter suffered first-degree burns and another is believed to have suffered non-life-threatening electric shock from downed power line. >> in southwest baltimore, a shooting has left one man in critical condition this morning. the 500 blockto of coventry road around 12:15 saturday afternoon. where we are told the officers found the victim with several gunshot wounds. that suspect remains on the loose. in north baltimore, police are looking into a suspicious death. investigators say the body of a man was found inside a car in the 4000 block of buena vista avenue around 7:15 yesterday morning.
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he'd been shot, according to police. authorities are awaiting autopsy results to determine the exact cause of death. >> baltimore county police detectives are in oklahoma waiting to interview the grandson of the elderly couple found murdered in pikesville. he is now named as a suspect in the case. investigators learned last week that 31-year-old matthew long was in oklahoma. long was living with his grandparents, vaughn and marjorie pepper, when they were killed, but he was missing when police discovered the couple's bodies on monday. according to police, long is undergoing mental treatment at a hospital in oklahoma. in owings mills, an accident sends a woman to the hospital. crews arrived to the 11700 block of reisterstown road to find an s.u.v. in a store. we are told the 76-year-old driver was parking the vehicle when, for some unknown reason, it went through the front of the store, hitting a customer that. person suffered non-life-threatening injuries. the driver and the passenger were not hurt.
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>> time right now, 9:06, 63 degrees on tv hill. from violent crime to a new police commissioner, there's much for the mayor to talk about. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is our q&a guest ahead. >> how do cell phone wars affect consumers? >> and game day is here. things looking good in philadelphia for the ravens and go and here, as well. the insta-weather plus forecast coming up.
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>> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with lowell melser. >> looking outside right now, a pair of 63's, how about that? b.w.i., 63, tv hill, 63. the barometer is rising as high pressure is moving in, humidity is knocked down and winds are light out of the northwest at 3 miles per hour. looking at temperatures around the region, things warming up. annapolis, 63, as well. easton, 63.
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chestertown 63. 63 is the lucky number today. out west, cooler temperatures, 56 in hagerstown, 57 in parkton. if you're heading out today, a delightful day like yesterday, mostly sunny, highs around 74 to 79 degrees. could see clouds moving in later in the day associated with a system to the south of us in virginia. the rest of the state looks pretty good, as well. out west, 75 degrees they'll top out at in southern pennsylvania, 74 down south in maryland and ocean city, 75 degrees. currently, this system here in southern virginia, northern north carolina, bringing us spread out cloud cover throughout the area that will continue on and off throughout the day but all that precipitation should stay to the south of us because of this high sitting over pennsylvania and once that washes out, we will be watching more stuff in texas. this next system, unfortunately,
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this one will probably nab us because once the high pressure moves out, the low will move over us and bring us unfortunately a saturating rain on tuesday. here's the cloud cover moving through the rest of the day. clear to partly cloudy skies through monday. then into monday afternoon and evening, clouds build, then we head into tuesday and rain moves in. you can see this well defined front that will move through the greater baltimore area, most of maryland, actually, and with that, we could see lightning strikes here and there as well as thunder. we will watch out for severe weather. i don't think this will spawn tornadoes but you never know with these mid to late september storms, what can happen. we will keep a close eye on that. if you're heading to philadelphia, mostly sunny skies, temperatures in the mid 70's, as well. looking at the seven-day, 50% chance of p.m. rain on monday. tuesday's the best chance for
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rain, 80%, a washout on tuesday. wednesday morning, stray showers. the good news, temperatures in the mid 70's and on the back end of that storm, things look great through saturday, possibly into sunday. the good news, temperatures in the mid 70's. >> cell phone wars, google and samsung battle it out in court over patents. how does that affect or benefit you as the consumer? that's coming up next. caffeine and kids, not always a great combination. the dangerous effects it can have on your child, still ahead. first, a look at events around town.
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>> a feature on the new iphone 5 has a lot of people upset, the new charger issue, because millions of people have to spend more to make it work with older devices. the the 5 will have an eight-pin connector, different than the 30-pin version that's standard
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since 2003. apple calls the connector a lightning. it's causing quite a shock. >> i think they did it on purpose. >> the short run is, yeah, there's a hit you might have to take if you want to use your old products with the new, new phone. >> apple says the smaller connector is necessary for a thinner device and judging from preorders, millions don't seem to be minding to pay that price. excitement is building for the new iphone 5, not expected to hit store shelves until friday but lines forming at stores like this one in new york city. according to the "new york post," online preorders sold out in an hour. demand is so high, it will likely take apple two weeks to ship the new orders until september 21 as promised. this brings us the question of cell phone wars, joining us is attorney matt yortsburg. apple has been in a lawsuit with samsung. lawsuit.his >> this is a patent infringement
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case and apple is claiming we have ideas and we have a patent on these ideas, the design of our phone and how the phone works and samsung has ripped us off, taken those ideas and come up with its own product, the android product and that has our idea or our patent. >> this is specifically like the galaxy pad, the look of the phone on somebody else's brand? >> that's exactly it. apple is claiming if you look at the android phones, they look like our phones, it's an infringement on our design patent and there are features on the phone that also infringe the apple phone, in particular, the way the apps look and the pin screen and bounce-back technology the apple and samsung now share. >> they won this. >> they won a billion dollar verdict and i think what is going to be the big news, in december, there's going to be a hearing on whether or not samsung can even sell some of
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these products in the united states. >> if you have one, you don't have to give it back, you can keep it, but it may mean you cannot get replacement parts in the future. >> yes. >> this is a broader issue in terms of when you come up with an idea, how you protect it. >> that's correct. so if you take it down to sort of the -- you hear a lot of political campaigns about main street versus wall street, a main street business, someone has an idea and wants to protect it, they'll get a patent on the device and process and build a business around it, hire put food on the table of the employees' families and this is worth protecting. someone steals that idea, they'll want to take action and that's what you see in these patent infringement cases. people view their patents as their property and like you don't want someone taking your house, you don't want someone stealing your ideas. >> how is this different than
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you come up with a tire and another company comes up with steel belted radial tires? how do you protect your idea? >> you go and register a patent with the u.s. p.t.o., patent trademark office and that protects your idea, that gives you the right to exclude other people from using your idea. to use your example and i'll try to formulate it. example someone gave me recently, if i come up with the idea of a four legged chair and someone always had the chair.egged i have to go to the three-legged chair person and license their design into my four-legged chair but i'll have a patent on the four-legged chair so now i have a right to exclude other people with the four-legged chair idea. that's overly simplistic but you take that to technology, apple is saying, samsung, you took our idea and extrapolated and made it into something different. >> with this ruling it's told the world this is our idea and we are the king of the hill.
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>> absolutely. >> thank you so much, i appreciate it. please stay with us. coming up next on 11 news, john, kerry and sunday gardener. >> cactus take all kinds of shapes. >> we have to be careful whether year handling smaller or larger ones. >> it's fun, especially for the kids and great to bring in for the winter. we will talk about that coming up on the sunday gardener.
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>> grge and welcome to your sunday gardener, i'm john
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collins along with carrie engel from valley view farms. last year, we were in the cactus house and they have big plants but we'd like to bring some of that into our house. they're very easy to deal with. >> they really are. cactus are easy for kids, too. they can get into this. and honestly, look around your house, you probably already have a planter you can use. i'm going to repurpose the bonsai planter. cactus don't have much of a root system. most of the nutrients are in the fleshy part of the cactus and same with suckulates. >> as a child, i loved cactus but i remember getting the spine stuck in my fingers, too. >> two ways to deal with that. we've done this before, taken a piece of paper or newspaper and wrapped it up and placed it around cactus like this. >> that's how you deal with the
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spines. you want to put it -- this guy is a little root bound. >> we will tease those out a little bit and place it right in there. at this point, i'm going to handle it primarily. i always get some on me but i can get in there pretty safely. >> and mom and dad can help especially with the spiny ones. some don't have spines that hurt. >> the succulents are easier so be careful of the cactus i already planted and i'm going to make a hole, squeeze him right in there. but i like this because you get slightly different colorations, slightly different leaf shape and you can mix it up. >> is this a special soil? >> this is a cactus soil. it's a little bit more porous. these are plastic tongs. >> that one has tiny spines that will bother you. >> this particular one, you'll be pulling them out forever. and then again with the succulent, it's not as bad. the nice thing, too, if you
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wouldn't mind, open up the time released fertilizer. these don't need a lot of fertilizer but enough to get them going. >> if you get dirt on -- stuck in the needles, just rinse them off? rinse them off or take a paint brush or q tip, whatever you want to use. the next step is water everything and that should be plenty. we will cover that up. the time release for fertilizer, these will be good for the plants for four months or so because they're not heavy feeders. >> this time of year, you want to leave this outside for a while to give them a good start? >> i absolutely would. you may also want to eventually put a soil cover on here, maybe stones. some people use sea shells, grit. >> make it look more desert like. >> exactly. you certainly can do that. >> now, what about special care. once these are brought inside
9:26 am
for the winter. the house gets dry inside and you'd say that's ideal for cactus. >> it really is. a dry house is great. it's also great if you have a south facing or west facing window. >> they want the sun? >> they want the sun or they get a little leggy on you. most of them are pretty good for a while but even if you take them back in the spring, you'll be in great shape. >> bugs? >> watch out for mealy bugs. they're cottony infects. the best way is to get them off with a q-tip or your finger and a little bit of alcohol or whatever. wipe them off. >> i wouldn't use my finger on that guy. this is is aloe, right? this. >> i recommend for every household in america. when you use aloe, use it from sunburn to -- >> look at the gel. >> in the caribbean, they ingest this for ailments but if you center a cut, put that on and
9:27 am
you're great. it's in so many different lotion and things for healthcare. >> i didn't realize it was that of gel. >> amazing. >> interesting, cactus, aloe, wonderful things to have in the garden or on the patio for a while. in the house this wintertime. we are getting set for winter. i can't believe it. >> we better move back outside. sounds good. >> thanks for joining us this morning, carrie, and thank you for joining us on "sunday gardener. ". >> if you have a gardening question, send it to sundaygardner, wbal-tv, 3800 hooper avenue, baltimore maryland 21211. you can also go to our website, >> i'll finish it for you this. no problem. 9:27 and 63 degrees on tv hill. baltimore city mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is in our studio standing by for this morning's q&a coming up next. >> the impact of having too much caffeine with children.
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>> did lisa forget the website? is that right? >> my mic wasn't working. >> the insta-weather plus forecast when we return.
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>> you're watching wbal-tv 11, live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news sunday morning. >> welcome back to 11 news
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sunday morning. thanks so much for joining us. >> we will look outside with lowell. out there.ous >> we are in store for another great day like yesterday. quickly want to show you h.d. doppler right now, showers to the south of us down in southern virginia, northern north carolina, and parts of west virginia. that stuff's going to stay to the south of us today which is good news because of high pressure. however, monday and tuesday, we could see rain because of a system down in texas and oklahoma right now. quickly want to check temperatures around the area. 63 at the airport. you can see regional temperatures around our area. 58 degrees in ocean city. the coolest temperatures are in western pennsylvania where we are seeing just 50 to 51 degrees. going to be a great day. i'll tell you all approximate it coming up >> time now for sunday morning q&a, joining us this morning,
9:31 am
baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. nice to have you in. >> we are representing for the ravens. >> i will ask you about that when we get done. >> it was on my mind. >> according to the wall street analysis of the f.b.i.'s crime report, baltimore is the ninth most dangerous city in the u.s. you selected a new police commissioner. how will he change that? >> he has a strong reputation in long beach and oakland of dramatically reducing crime. he believes we not only have to target our most violent offenders but we have to engage the community. when i was planning to choose the commissioner, i had interviews with 40 different community leaders from across the city and they were all begging to be more engaged in the crime fight and that's what the commissioner believes in, community andthe using them as partners.
9:32 am
>> let me ask you this, what you hear from people and the rank and file that why do you need to go outside of baltimore? there's plenty of home grown talent. >> we have great talent in baltimore but i'm committed to making sure we bring the best we can find in every area and i think in baltimore sometimes we think you can only get good people from inside the the city limits but i don't believe that. i believe you have to look everywhere you can to find the best possible and that's what i did. >> let me ask you something else about the public safety in baltimore, the fire and police. so many of them don't even live in the city. think about a requirement to have them live in the city so therefore the city they're charged with protecting and serving, they're vested in, they're not going to another state when they leave? >> we would love every one of our public safety employees and
9:33 am
city employees to live in the city but we cannot legally require them to do so. i do the vagrants to value program, we have incentive dollars if you buy a home if you're a city employee. that's what we try to do to increase the number of city employees living in the city but with respect to the public safety officers living outside of the city, i want people who are dedicated to the community you have tothink live in the city to love baltimore and love our communities. that's why we focus on that training, sensitivity training and community engagement to make that happen. >> given the things have taken place in baltimore county schools over the last couple of weeks involving guns, what are you doing -- or have you sat down with dr. alonzo to discuss plans? >> our teams have been talking closely because we know how close that is and we have to make sure that we are on point
9:34 am
in our schools so our police department works very closely with the baltimore city school flois ensure we are doing everything we can working in cooperation to provide safety for kids in school and on their way to and from school, as well. >> people are still talking about the speed cameras, you got a lot of revenue from that. people are angry about the speed cameras in the city, sometimes getting two and three in a month. [laughter] but people are saying, i'm getting them for under 12 miles an hour, so what is your response to citizens who are saying, enough of this? >> i understand frustration but we have to remember this is about safety and speeding in school zones is a serious problem and as frustrated as people are, there's one guaranteed way not to get a speed camera ticket and that is not to speed and this is all about safety. >> let's talk a little bit about, what's the progress of a casino in baltimore?
9:35 am
the idea that was we are going to bring revenue, help to get property taxes down and that's a problem for keeping businesses and residents in the city. what's happening with that? >> the license has been awarded and the plans have gone, first set of plans which are going to be revised, have gone before the udarp committee so it is certainly moving ahead. is that because of the art render thing, they didn't fit? >> i think we want a destination, we want a gorgeous destination, we want to bring the jobs. this is a gateway project so we have to make sure it's right. urdarp is doing their job and the casino operators will do what they need to make sure it's a beautiful facility to help us raise revenue and for school construction. >> before national harbor? >> definitely. >> you wanted to talk about big news involving c.s.x. and
9:36 am
bringing an intermodal folt baltimore. what does that mean for the city? >> our port is growing. it's one of our pillars of economic growth in the city and i'm really pleased that c.s.x. is making this additional investment because that means jobs for baltimore city. baltimore's port is very competitive when you look up and down the east coast and this investment will ensure that as the panama canal expands, we will be ready to take on the double stacking and take advantage of larger ships. >> the grand prix, did it do everything you wanted it to this year after so much trouble twist one? >> i'm excited we were able to get it done. sure it will be a tradition, like in long beach. their grand prix is the corner stone, the linchpin of their economic development and tourism and i know over the long term with such a beautiful course and race, it can do that for baltimore, as well. >> and you're headed to philly now? to watch the
9:37 am
smack-down. >> yes! >> thank you so much, madam mayor, for something in. next week, our guest will be howard county executive ken uhlman. if you have a question for him, send it to sunday question at don't go. here's david gregory with a look at what's coming up on "meet the press." >> good morning. coming up, a special hour of "meet the press." turmoil in the middle east and heated foreign policy debate in the presidential campaign. after an attack on the u.s. consulate in libya kills four americans and protests spread across the muslim world, how will the u.s. respond? joining me, an adviser on the president's foreign policy theme, u.s. ambassador to the united nations, susan wright and prime minister of israel, benjamin netanyahu. our political roundtable weighs in on the consequences for the region and the impact on the region and the impact on the fall campaign.
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>> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with meteorologist lowell melser. >> here's a look from the grand hotel and spa from ocean city, shaping up to be a beautiful day on the eastern shore, currently 58 degrees in ocean city. 63 at the airport. winds out of the northwest 3 miles per hour, the barometer is rising so high pressure is taking over and humidity is dropping. by the way, for folks heading out to philadelphia, i think the mayor said she was heading out. better get on the road, right? get her out, mayor, you got to hit the road. >> do the weather! >> she has to hit the road before she gets to the game. eagles-ravens at lincoln financial field, 1:00 kickoff, a
9:41 am
nice day, 72 to 76 degrees, winds at 5 miles per hour. at temperatures, low 60's is in the bag here for the greater baltimore area. a couple of cool spots, parkton, 57, hagerstown 56 and westminster 61 degrees. heading out today, going to barbecue before the game, 74 to 79 degrees, delightful day, mostly sunny, clouds associated with a system south of us and temperatures around the region, 75 in the mountains, 75 in ocean city for a high and as we showed you earlier, 77 degrees here in central maryland, 74 just to the north of us. currently, a system passing through southern virginia, northern north carolina and will pass through throughout the afternoon. the good news, we are under the influence of high pressure so we will keep that precipitation to the south of us so it should be a pretty nice day though we will see cloud cover associated with that on and off. we are watching a system in
9:42 am
texas that will bring rain on tuesday, possibly beginning late monday night. future cast shows clouds going in and out throughout the day heading into monday. same thing with rain moving in towards tuesday and then by tuesday evening, we start seeing the heavy stuff. we will keep an eye on this front that will most likely bring with it lightning strikes and possibly thunder, as well. this evening if you're heading out, be careful. 55 to 62 degrees, bring that jacket. as far as our seven-day is concerned, 50% chance of rain evening. the best chance on tuesday. wednesday morning we will look of it, as well. the best news, mid 70's. once the system moves through, more good news, sunny skies and mid 70's. >> if you're planning a trip to new york, get ready to say goodbye to your big gulp. new york city is first in the u.s. to limit the sale of large
9:43 am
sugary drinks, a move praised by some, criticized by others. >> we've taken bold action in new york city because obesity is a national epidemic that's getting worse and we are not just going to wring our hands about. >> it i know they're trying to say it's going to cut back on obesity but honestly, people can make their own decisions. >> the ban will take effect in march and kids and caffeine not a great combination. in october's edition of baltimore magazine," there's an article talking about the dangers of too much caffeine. mike gimble is here, director of power by me at st. joseph's medical center. >> it goes to show you there are so many products, mostly targeting kids, that are loaded with caffeine and diet supplements. we started years ago with just red bull and now we have lots of different products. >> tons and tons. start over here. this is interesting. >> these are the newest ones that are targeting kids, these
9:44 am
energy sheets. they literally look like a sheet. >> they do. >> can you open it up and it literally is a little sheet similar to what you get in a listerine. this one contains the same amount of caffeine as a 16-nce cup of coffee, 100 milligrams. kids, because they taste in flavors, will eat two, three, or four. we are already getting calls from nureses, kids coming in with heart palpitations, trouble breathing. the other newest one on the block is aeroshot, an inhaler, you spray it and get a full dose of caffeine. >> not just one spray, they're doing multiple. >> the whole thing and then you have the drinks, popular with kids is mio, a product you pour into a bottle of water and make a flavored drink. they make one called energy
9:45 am
which is loaded with caffeine and diet supplements which are similar to what we see with the big energy drinks. >> the big energy drinks have not just caffeine but supplement s? >> diet supplements that are very, very dangerous, mixed with caffeine and sugar and now they're targeting kids with gum, i mean even gum, mints that are loaded with caffeine. >> so the problem, it's not just oh, kids will be hyped up and running around. it's causing health concerns. >> caffeine is a stimulate, speeds up your heart rate, your blood pressure. when you're young and take so much of it, your cup of coffee once in a while, this is about doing it responsibly, in moderation, about you with kids, they don't do that and when you get a product that tastes like candy, they're going to do more. >> we are not talking about just teenagers. elementary school kids. >> we are getting calls from elementary schools.
9:46 am
>> let's touch on gatorade. >> this is my big thing for the year with gatorade. gatorade is used by kids improperly. they're drinking it like it's water all day like it's a soft drink. gatorade is a replenish. drink, loaded with sodium, salt, and sugar so after you exercise, you replenish. they're drinking it all day. we are getting kids with high blood pressure and we are getting the dentist yelling about the number of cavities that kids are getting from all the sugar. >> the dentist on a lot of overseas vacations. >> if your child plays sports which most do, this is good to use after you exercise 30 minutes or more. >> but not all day long. >> not all day long. not good. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. please don't go away. we are in the kitchen for sunday brunch up next.
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>> welcome back, time for sunday brunch. joining us this morning, michael marks, chef and owner of miguels canteena. thank you for coming in. >> good morning. >> nice to see you. i've never seen this or had this before. this is a new one for me. >> fried oyster tacos, something i'm doing for the v.i.p. event for the flip-flop festivus at the four seasons hotel, which is next saturday night. this will be my second year
9:50 am
doing the v.i.p. event. it's a great event and the four seasons hotel is phenomenal. they've rolled out the red carpet and i'm doing it on the pool deck so not only do i get to work and look at the skyline of baltimore city but maybe take a dip. >> this benefits -- >> the life and breath foundation which is funding research for sarcoidosis which the lungs. i've got involved with it and like the people involved. >> and you are going to be making -- >> fried oyster tacos. it is on the menu at the restaurant as a special but the things i'm featuring on saturday night are things i do more off my catering menu which is not solely mexican. i cover the globe. >> you had it in flour.
9:51 am
>> flours and egg, typical breading and here's here's whert takes a twist. it goes into a little bit of corn meal, ground red corn tortias and masa is what they use to make corn tortillas so it's lighter than corn meal. >> does it have to be a corn tortilla? flour tortilla? >> no because flour you'll get a burn before you get a crunch and the masa gives that corn flavor, a unique flavor, because if you have issues about gluten, you can use the corn and completely skip the flour. you could go literally with the oysters directly into the masaca and not worry about it. >> where are the oysters from? >> these are local oysters. they're just a medium oyster and they're already shucked which makes it easier and cleaner
9:52 am
because this part is not so clean. >> ok. how are we on time? ok. while you're plating that up, i'm going to let everyone know if they want a copy of today's recipe, log on to our website,, click on food or send a self-addressed stamped envelope to sunday brunch, wbal-tv, 3800 hooper avenue, baltimore maryland 21211. >> or come into the restaurant and i'll give it to you. >> you're going to make it for us. >> make it and give you the recipe.
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>> now, 11 sports with pete gilbert. >> good morning. it's game day, which means it's a great day. the ravens in philadelphia trying to move to 2-0.
9:55 am
each of the last two years they had that opportunity after big week one wins but failed to do so. that's their challenge this afternoon at lincoln financial stadium. the offense we saw monday night against cincinnati was incredible. first play of the game, 52 yards, hammer drop to torrey smith, onward they went from there. today's challenge is greater. they're on the road and the no-huddle offense is a tougher challenge. but you have to deal with the fact that the secondary of philadelphia is very good. torrey smith, though, doesn't sound all that concerned. just another game in the nfl. >> they're tough. they've got a technique and get open. sounds basic, especially against those guys, nnamdi arguably the best in the game, between him and revis, it's going to be a great battle for all of us. >> very interested to see what the offensive line will look like. last week we saw kelechi osemele, rookie at right tackle
9:56 am
and ramon harewood at left guard. he never played in an nfl game. after spending the last two years on i.r. will they then make starts against the eagles? it will be tough on the road in a noisy place. certainly a lot of fun to watch. we will have all that covered for you tonight at 6:00 and following sunday night football on "ravens' wrap-up." we will see you then. >> and here we go. >> yum. >> that's it. you put the cole slaw on top of that? no? >> yes. >> now that you mention it, he will. >> i wanted you to see the beautiful oyster taco first. >> weather word, it's going to be beautiful today and in philadelphia for the game. get the barbecues warmed up. have a great time.
9:57 am
>> this is a wbal-tv 11 editorial with president and general manager dan joerres. >> there were tense moments at stemmers run middle school in baltimore county as an eighth grade student pulled a loaded gun on his teacher and classmates. for the second time in three weeks, a county school had an incident with a student bringing a gun to school. the 13-year-old student has been charged as a juvenile. the teacher is appreciated for her heroic efforts in wrestling the gun from the student and restraining him until authorities arrived. we expect our teachers to educate our children. but to step between a class of students and loaded gun is above and beyond the call of duty. school superintendent dr. dallas dance says he will establish a new office of safety and security and provide hand-held metal detectors to resource officers. that is about as much as a school system can do. the responsibility rests with parents and adults to obey the law and secure weapons so children don't have access to them. it's the law and a
9:58 am
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